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Entrepreneurs for North Texas image oneEntrepreneurs For North Texas, established in 2000, facilitates community involvement and philanthropy for small and mid-size companies who want to make a beneficial impact on their communities. The Communities Foundation of Texas programs operates as an outsourced community affairs department, providing its Member Companies with the resources to assist them in developing a company culture of good corporate citizenship.

PrintThe Pickens Foundation has supported the work of EFNT and its network of more than 100 Member Companies, comprised of early stage, small and mid-size businesses, private equity investors, venture capitalists and a wide range of professional service providers who all have a commitment to give back to the communities in which they live and work.

“This program helps companies channel the philanthropic energies of its employees into quantifiable, productive action,” Pickens says. “Its efforts fit nicely with the aim and scope of my philanthropy, and I’m enthusiastic in my support of EFNT.”

Entrepreneurs of North Texas image twoPickens supports EFNT and its hosting of entrepreneurs round table discussions, which emphasize how important it is for young businesses to become philanthropic in their community, and its Freedom Day program and how it fosters local volunteerism. The organization is also a sterling example of the collaborative efforts of the Pickens Foundation in the community.

EFNT provides due diligence in identifying the most strategic alliances with nonprofit organizations for its Member Companies so that maximum impact on both the company and the community can be achieved. Additionally, EFNT hosts networking events that celebrate corporate philanthropy, tap into the wisdom of accomplished business leaders and provide an exclusive environment for a community of like-minded good corporate citizens.

“EFNT is proud to have a long-standing partnership with the T. Boone Pickens Foundation,” says Pam Gerber, EFNT executive director. “Having the support of the foundation that bears the name of a legend known for both his business accomplishments and his philanthropic generosity sends a powerful message that companies can — and will — do well while doing good. Thanks to the foundation’s generous support, hundreds of caring corporate citizens have had the opportunity to dedicate thousands of hours of service to our community — a winning proposition for all.”

Each year on September 11, EFNT coordinates a “Freedom Day” — bringing together hundreds of volunteers to honor the lives horrifically lost and changed as a result of the terrorist acts in 2001. In 2013, for example, employees from its more than 57 Member Companies partnered with GrowSouth’s Initiative to make a positive impact in Southern Dallas, to paint, clean, repair, landscape, and transform William H. Atwell Middle School/Law Academy. When Atwell Middle School students returned from a field trip they entered a school that was restored by more than 500 corporate volunteers.

Since Freedom Day’s inception, EFNT Member Companies have provided more than 30,000 hours of service to important nonprofits including Dallas Independant School District, Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity, Dallas Fire-Rescue, the Innercity Community Development Corporation, the African American Museum, Texas Trees Foundation, Innerfaith Housing Coalition, Park South Family YMCA, Juliette Fowler Communities, City Square, Camp Summit, Catholic Charities, Camp Summit and Community Housing for Adults Inc.

For more information about Entrepreneurs For North Texas, visit www.efnt.org.



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